It takes time and patience to be considerate with the gifts you buy at Christmas. I can’t bring myself to buy anything cheap or plastic, because I know it only ends up in landfill. (I used to put those sticky climbing men in the boys’ stockings each year, which of course they loved for about 10 minutes until they broke or lost their stickiness, and ended up in the bin! It also makes me cringe to think of how many whoopee cushions we’ve sent to landfill — again, they’re such a fun gift, but those things always get a hole in them so quickly!!)

Because we also have an Advent calendar with little pockets for gifts, I am tasked with the mission of not only buying stocking fillers, but also buying little gifts that fit inside the Advent calendar pockets. It’s a job that haunts me all year!! The key is definitely starting early. I thought I would share some of my ideas in case you too are looking for inspiration…

Here are 9 stocking stuffer (or Advent Calendar) gift ideas for your littler kids:

  1. A cute little mouse friend that fits in the palm of your hand.
  2. A bird call necklace — (here’s a cute option if you live in the US)
  3. A yoyo – always a win!
  4. A wooden spinning top (we’ve got a collection and keep them all in a basket on our coffee table)
  5. A packet of flower seeds to plant
  6. Bath colour drops
  7. A torch
  8. Little wooden bus with 3 people
  9. A mini microscope for all the nature lovers


And here are 9 stocking stuffer ideas for your bigger kids:

  1. Flower power candle holders
  2. Their favourite chocolates
  3. A cats cradle string for endless options of fun!
  4. A cute little coin purse that clips into a backpack
  5. Natural deodorant that looks cool in your school bag
  6. A headlamp for camping, sleepovers or bedtime reading
  7. Washi tape – who doesn’t need more of it?
  8. Retro sustainable athletic socks (one tree planted for every pair bought!)
  9. Set of 3 pouches for pencils, makeup, or travel


I hope you find some inspiration. Feel free to share below if you have other ideas – I’d love to hear! xx