Halloween is becoming more and more popular here in Australia, and more commercialised too. But for many years, you couldn’t buy Halloween decorations (or even find the typical orange Halloween carving pumpkins!), so we had to make our own little decorations. Obviously, you can now run out and buy decorations, but homemade ones are just so much sweeter.

Here are some cute (and super simple!) ideas for decorations we’ve made over the years…

  • Ghost jar lanterns — simply wrap some gauze around a glass jar, stick two googly eyes on, and light a tea light candle in the jar!
  • Origami paper pumpkins – here’s a simple video tutorial.
  • Draw faces on mandarins – it makes for cute decorations and a healthy Halloween treat too!
  • Clay ghost lanterns – here’s a simple video, and all you need for this is air-dry clay and battery-operated tea lights.
  • Halloween bunting – you can use the same bunting tutorial I’ve shared previously, and then all you’ll need is Halloween-themed fabric and black bunting tape.
  • We’ve also made ghosts on sticks for our front garden and they were a big hit!

Don’t forget to make caramel apples — it’s our favourite Halloween tradition!

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