I was recently asked by a friend if I could recommend any podcasts for his 15-year-old son, podcasts that would educate, inspire or introduce new concepts and ideas. My mind was absolutely blank! Up until recently, my tweens & teens have never listened to podcasts. Music, yes. But not podcasts. But his question made me curious. Are there good podcasts for adolescent-aged kids? And if so, perhaps I should encourage my kids to listen!

I asked readers on Instagram to share some of their children’s favourite podcasts, and below I’ve shared the list of recommendations. They all seem really great!

Podcast suggestions for Tweens & Teens: 

  • The Ologies — for listeners curious about science.
  • This Teenage Life — a podcast made by teens about their ideas, stories and unique perspectives of teenagers in the middle of their own growth as humans.
  • Science with Dr. Karl — a weekly injection of science, myth-bashing and answers.
  • Fierce Girls — stories of adventurous, brave Australian women.
  • You’re Dead to Me by the BBC — a comedy podcast that takes history seriously.
  • Hidden Brain — explores the unconscious patterns that drive human behaviour and questions that lie at the heart of our complex and changing world.
  • Hack by Triple J — brings you news stories that matter to young people (Australia-based).
  • Grown by The Moth — all about the adolescent years: “the nebulous, the liminal, the just plain weird time between those awkward teenage years and full-on adulthood.”
  • The Genius Generation — sharing inventions and discoveries made by young people.
  • Song Exploder – a podcast where musicians take apart their songs, and piece by piece, tell the story of how they were made.
  • Teenager Therapy – a podcast hosted by five teens who talk about the struggles that come with being a teenager.
  • The Tip Off — an award-winning British podcast taking you behind the scenes of investigative journalism.
  • Dear Hank & John — brothers, Hank and John Green (authors and YouTubers) offer both humorous and heartfelt advice about life’s big and small questions.
  • Greeking Out by National Geographic — kid-friendly retelling of Ancient Greek myths and stories for the whole family.
  • The Back Row — stories for Australia’s youth (ages 13-20) to help navigate the challenges of growing up.


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