Some answers to your questions...

Who is the course for? Parents and carers, grandparents, parents-to-be, and anyone with a passion for family lifestyle.

Why does the price reflect differently on different pages? The course is offered at $250 AUD. Depending on the exchange rate, your country's currency will be reflected on the initial order page. If it skips back to $250 AUD during the ordering process, please know you will be charged in your local currency, as initially shown.

Do time zone differences matter? Only when it comes to live Instagram Q&A sessions, but I will try to time these differently each week to make sure everyone can participate. Live Q&As will be available to watch on Instagram for 24 hours. After that, I will upload the video for you to watch in your own time. 

Is there any homework? No, but you will have access to a range of resources for you to explore in your own time, including helpful exercises and worksheets. You can also test out recipes and connect with people who are as passionate about family life as you.

How much of a time investment is needed to watch and read materials each week? It will depend on how actively involved you are in the Instagram conversations, but I'd say you would need around an hour each week to read and watch the course materials (but of course you can choose to read/watch the content whenever you have the time). 

Since we all have busy schedules, is the course designed to go at our own pace? Yes! Each week I will send the PDF and video links for you to read and watch in your own time. Everything is yours to keep!

Will you run the course again? The course was designed to be a one-off course, but because of demand, I have decided to run the course a second time. This will be the final time I run this particular course.