My sister’s baby arrived a few days ago. A beautiful baby boy named Marcel! It truly is incredible how our hearts can expand with love the instant a new baby arrives into our lives. It’s also such a wonderful thing to watch my sister as she is ‘born’ into life as a mother. It makes me so happy to watch her in this role and to watch her little family of three find their rhythm together. 🖤

As I sit with my sister on the sofa, watching and experiencing again the messy, magical, sleepy period of postpartum, I am reminded of the essentials that make this period a little bit easier.

So what does a new mama really need? It goes without saying she’ll need nutritious meals, loving support and encouragement from the people around her, and someone to help with the laundry and tasks around the house. But of course there are some products that will make the first few weeks and months more do-able and enjoyable. So much thought goes into buying all the right things for the baby, but it’s important to remember the mother’s needs too. Here are ten recommended essentials for the new mother.

Ten handy postpartum essentials for the new mama:

  1. A water bottle that you can open with one hand while feeding your baby, preferably with a straw. This Hydro Flask water bottle with straw lid is perfect, or the Yeti Bottle with Rambler Straw Cap. Essentially, you want to be able to keep hydrated and drink regularly while you’re holding your baby; it’s best to get a water bottle that makes it as easy as possible.
  2. I know they’re not sexy, but disposable maternity underwear are a game-changer in my opinion. They’re comfy to wear and are especially great in the first few days after giving birth when the bleeding is heaviest. After this, you can move on to the Postpartum Control Briefs from Modiboi and then the comfy undies like the High Tuck Brief from Hatch.
  3. The Frida Mom postpartum products have been recommended. They have a C-Section Recovery Kit, a Postpartum Delivery Kit, and Witch Hazel Perineal Cooling Pads.
  4. A good-quality (and comfortable) maternity bra. I loved the Nursing Bras from Boob (my sister has this one, and it’s so great she doesn’t have to fumble around with snaps or clips) and the Everyday Bra from Storq.
  5. Reusable wool nursing pads. I used these ones from Nature Baby. (Lots of people have recommended the Silverette Nursing Cups too, to help with initial breastfeeding.)
  6. A good breastfeeding tea to support lactation and help digestion. I loved the Mayde Tea Nursing Tea or the Weleda Nursing Tea.
  7. An organic Nipple Balm for sore nipples. I used the Weleda Nipple Care Cream.
  8. I lived in my Francis & Henry nursing dress for easy nighttime feeding and chic lounging around the house.
  9. The botanical birth kits from Mère have also been recommended. They have a Healing Peri Spray and Postpartum Bath Salts that look so nice. (The Birth Recovery Kits from Bare Mum look wonderful too.)
  10. Two wonderful books to support your postpartum journey: The First Forty Days by Heng Ou and The Fourth Trimester by Kimberly Ann Johnson.

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