Domino Magazine recently asked me to share some fun ways we display our children’s artwork in our home, and after snapping some photos throughout our house, I thought I would share some of the ideas here. I have always found displaying children’s art is a fun way to personalise our home, add a bit of colour and playfulness, and of course it makes our children so proud to see their art displayed… and as a result it encourages more and more creativity. A win/win!

Children’s art is so cute, and of course it’s so unique. No one else will have an art piece like yours! Why not use it to make your home a reflection of the people who live there.

Here are some ways we display our children’s art throughout our home:

1. We frame and hang their art in their bedrooms. I love the two watercolour portraits of Ivy and Marlow we’ve hung up in their bedroom!

2. I love finding old frames from our local charity shop and framing the children’s sketches and drawings. Just leaning it up against a wall is a cute way to make a simple piece of paper something more special.

3. We framed Wilkie’s little handprints a couple of years ago, and it’s one of my most treasured pieces!

4. We have a collage art wall in our entryway. Not everything needs to be framed. Taping pieces up with Washi tape is a fun way to celebrate new or temporary favourites.

5. We like to display their baskets, woodwork, or clay sculptures on our fireplace mantel. The kids are always so proud when their art makes it up here to be displayed like this.

6. I love displaying small framed pieces on our bathroom shelves. It adds a touch of colour and cuteness to this otherwise utilitarian area.

7. Using a string and some small clothespins, you can hang up your children’s art along a wall. We loved hanging these multiplication flowers in the girls’ bedroom, so they could look at them from their beds and practice their multiplication.


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