Frequently Asked Questions

What benefits are there to signing up for one of your e-courses? How is it different from reading a book on the topic?

What I’ve really learned from these courses is that so many of us are not only seeking information and tips; we are seeking connection with others. What I love about my e-courses is the community aspect of sharing experiences, asking questions, sharing resources, offering tips, etc. I also believe that when you sign up for a an online course, there is an element of commitment and engagement that drives you to actively learn, apply your learning and grow as a parent.

How do I access the course materials?

All of the materials are available on my website. You will be able to log in, view your dashboard and access the content whenever you have the time. There is no deadline to read or watch the materials. All written materials are downloadable as well — so you can save them to your device.

The courses are offered in US Dollars? Can I pay in another currency?

You will be charged in your local currency at the current exchange rate. If you are confused how much USD equals in your currency, you can use a website like to show you the conversion.

How are you qualified to teach these courses?

I spent a long time pondering that very question. I am not a scientist or psychologist or a child development specialist. In truth, I see my role in these courses as a facilitator rather than a teacher. I’m passionate about these topics and have spent a long time researching them. I have called upon my training in journalism to find the right sources, ask the right questions and assimilate the information in a way that is accurate and useful to other parents. While I share some of my experiences and opinions in the course, the focus is on what the experts and research tell us. It’s also about bringing together a community of parents to share and learn from each other.

Because of time differences, I might not be able to watch the live interviews and Q&As on Instagram. Will these be saved so I can watch later?

Yes, all live elements will be saved to the Instagram feed, so you can watch these in your own time. I also ask people to submit questions beforehand, so I am able to answer everyone’s questions even if you’re not able to watch live. And I will try to alternate timing of the live Q&As, so that everyone has a chance to watch at least one live interview, no matter where you live.