‘At Home with Kids’ eBook

Dozens of tips, ideas and resources for learning, crafts, play and other activities at home.

‘At Home with
Kids’ eBook

Tips, ideas and resources for learning, crafts, play and other family activities at home.

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Whether you’re home with your kids looking for inspiration and ideas to keep them entertained. Or you’re homeschooling your children or supporting them in distance learning. Or even if perhaps you’re working from home and trying to juggle all of the above… This eBook offers a collection of tried and tested ideas and activities that have engaged and entertained our family. From crafts and cooking, books and games, to home learning and other educational activities, I have bundled together all of my favourite ideas, tips, resources and inspiration.


Here’s what you can expect:

The eBook is 100 pages long, divided up into 6 colour-coded chapters.

  • Helpful tips and ideas for homeschooling and distance learning.

  • Dozens of inspiring activities, including nature-based crafts & educational games.

  • Healthy lunch and snack ideas, including recipes.

  • Our favourite books, audio books, games, toys & craft supplies.

  • Contributions and tips from educational experts and experienced parents.

  • An extensive list of wonderful resources, including books, websites and inspiring Instagram feeds.

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