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Tweens & Teens

The teenage years… Are you dreading them? Finding them challenging already? Do you wish you had a better relationship with your teen? Are you wondering what’s going on in their minds or struggling to be the best parent you can be?
You’re not alone! This 3-part course is for parents with children anywhere from 8 to 18 years of age, or anyone with an interest in understanding & helping the teens in their lives. Adolescence is an extraordinary time of development, growth & change for our young people. The more we can learn about what’s happening in their lives, minds & bodies, the better parents, carers or mentors we can be. Understanding what’s going on for them is the key to showing up for them during this crucial time in their lives.

What is

Community Learning?

Through the dedicated Instagram feeds for each e-course, parents from around the world can come together to share experiences and resources, ask questions and offer tips. This collective wisdom and variety of experiences helps us define our own way forward on this parenting journey. We aren’t just learning from the experts, but from each other as well. I love connecting with other parents through these community courses and hope you will too!

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There’s something for everyone in this course! It’s a 5-part course covering Family, Home, Food, Travel and Mama. I share parenting tips and the lessons I’ve learned, tips for keeping an organised family home, renovation and decoration ideas, our favourite family meals, snacks and lunchbox ideas, travel tips, and general lifestyle topics like fashion, beauty, and the importance of self-care in motherhood.
This course was first launched in 2019 and is now offered as content-only, meaning you’ll get access to all the materials and videos and will be able to read and watch everything at your own pace. The PDFs have recently been updated, so the content is fresh and relevant. You’ll also have access to all the original live Instagram Q&As and interviews.

online course


This is the course I wish I had taken before I ever became pregnant! Blossom is a 3-part course covering the topics of pregnancy, birth and the first year postpartum. It’s a safe and welcoming online community of mothers who are all in the same sacred season of life. A space to share, learn and be empowered.
I have shared my learnings, research and experiences as a mother of five. I’ve also interviewed several experts and other mothers to share their experiences and insights. In the materials, I have shared about the importance of planning not just for birth, but for the postpartum period. I’ve dedicated the final part of the course to the first year of motherhood, including your baby’s first milestones and parenting in that first year.


Craving more meaningful ‘me’ time? 

Join my monthly membership program for inspiration, ideas and connection to enrich your motherhood journey.

Are you craving more meaningful ‘me’ time?

Join my monthly membership program for inspiration, ideas & connection to enrich your motherhood journey.