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A five-part course
on family lifestyle covering: Family, Home, Food, Travel & Mama

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There’s something for everyone in this e-course! It’s a 5-part course covering Family, Home, Food, Travel and Mama. I share parenting tips and the lessons I’ve learned, tips for keeping an organised family home, renovation and decoration ideas, our favourite family meals, snacks and lunchbox ideas, travel tips, and general mama topics like fashion, beauty, and the importance of self-care in motherhood.
This course was first launched in 2019 and is now offered as content-only, meaning you’ll get access to all the materials and videos and will be able to read and watch everything at your own pace. The PDFs for the course have recently been updated. You’ll also have access to all the original live Instagram Q&As and interviews.

Here’s what you can expect:

  • 5 chapters with printable PDFs: written lessons, handy notes, and helpful links..
  • Helpful how-to video tutorials based on each topic.

  • Insightful (and fun!) video Interviews with experts in each field.

  • Video answers to 20 quick questions on each topic.

  • Previously filmed Instagram Q&A videos with a different guest for each topic.

This course is now offered as a self-guided course. There are no live elements. You will receive immediate access to all materials to read and watch in your own time.

Meet The Experts

Natalie Walton

Interior Stylist, Author, and Mother of Three

The importance of loving our homes, creating a space that makes us happy, and how an organised family home can have profound impacts on your own mind and well-being.

Melanie Deefholts

Child Development Specialist and Mother of five

How to address some of the typical developmental challenges we face with our children, the importance of observing our kids and tuning into their individual needs.

Magdalena Roze

Chef, Author, TV Presenter and Mother of Two

The importance of introducing flavourful foods to your baby, establishing good eating habits from the beginning, as well as the importance of eating nourishing foods postpartum.

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Subscribers to the course are granted access to the @intheloop.nurture Instagram feed where you can join community discussions, ask questions, share experiences and learn from an international community of parents.  Past story posts have been saved in weekly highlights to browse.

Frequently asked questions

Who is this course for?

The Nurture course is for parents and carers, parents-to-be, and anyone with a passion for deepening your awareness and passion for family lifestyle.

Do time zones matter?

This course is now offered as content-only, with no live or new elements, so time differences and locations don’t matter at all. You will have access to all the materials immediately and will be able to read and watch in your own time.

Is there any homework?

No, but you will have access to a range of resources for you to explore in your own time, including helpful exercises, relevant podcasts and book recommendations. You can also test out recipes, implement new ideas and activities, and carve out more ‘me’ time in your daily schedule.

How much time is required to watch and read the materials?

This course is offered as content-only, meaning there are no live elements or weekly discussions. The materials have been uploaded to my website in five parts for you to read and watch in your own time. Each part will take roughly 2 hours to read and watch the materials.

Since we all have busy schedules, is the course designed to go at our own pace?

Yes! The course materials and videos are yours to keep and reference whenever you like. There is no set timeframe or expiry.

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Want a taster for the course?

The ‘mama’ chapter is now available as a stand-alone eBook!