A 3-part course covering: Pregnancy, Birth and The First Year. An online space to share, learn and be empowered during this sacred season of life.

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This is a 3-part course covering Pregnancy, Birth & The First Year Postpartum. It’s the course I wish I had taken before I had my babies! It’s the collective wisdom of experts, professionals and experienced mothers. It’s the empowerment you need to love and trust your body, tune into your baby, and honour the postpartum period both for your own physical and emotional recovery as well as to truly bond with and understand your baby.
While this course is now offered as content only, subscribers can join the Instagram feed to browse shared content, conversations and live interviews from past sessions. Sign up now and go at your own pace!

Here’s what to expect:

  • Three printable PDFs with written lessons, tips and resources.

  • Exclusive interviews with experts in each field.

  • A series of community stories and shared experiences.

  • Access to a private Instagram feed, to browse shared content, posts and conversations from previous live sessions.

  • Access to past live Q&As and interviews on Instagram.

Meet The Experts

Ema Taylor Rabbidge

Degree Qualified Naturopath, Nutritionist and Certified Fertility Awareness Educator

Ema talks about optimising our reproductive health. She shares why it’s important to tune into our bodies and to really know our monthly cycles. She also offers advice on different fertility challenges.

Heng Ou

Author of ‘The First Forty Days’ and ‘Awakening Fertility’ and founder of MotherBees

Heng shares about the importance of honouring the first forty days postpartum. She also shares insights into what types of food to eat and how to protect your health and wellbeing during this special time after birth.

Robyn Alagona Cutler

Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist specialising in Perinatal Mental Health

Robyn talks about perinatal mood disorders, sharing some of the known risk factors and helpful tools. We also discuss marital and partnership conflict and the importance of planning for the postpartum period.

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Subscribers are granted access to the @intheloop.blossom Instagram feed where you can connect with other women from around the world who are all in the same special season of life. Here we will raise topics, share experiences and tips, ask and answer questions so we can all learn from each other. All past live Q&As and interviews are saved to this feed. All story posts have been saved in weekly highlights, so you can browse previously shared content as well.

Frequently asked questions

Do I have to be pregnant to sign up for the course?

This course has been designed for those who are either pregnant, hoping to become pregnant, and for those who have recently had a baby. So you don’t have to be pregnant to take part.

I’m pregnant with my 3rd baby. Is this course still relevant for me?

Yes! Absolutely! This is an opportunity for you to strengthen your inner knowing and to build upon your experience as a mother. The 3rd part of the course covers the first year of your baby’s life, so it’s a wonderful reminder/refresher of this precious time.

How much time is required to take part in the course?

The course is now offered as content-only, meaning there are no live elements or weekly discussions. All materials are yours to keep and reference whenever you like. I’d say it should take 2-3 hours to read and watch the materials for each theme: pregnancy, birth & the first year.

How do I access the course materials?

All of the materials have been uploaded to my website. You will be able to log in, view your dashboard and access the content whenever you have the time.

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