Mindful Mothering Tips

A super sweet Easter bunny craft project

A sweet and simple craft that makes for the most adorable Easter decorations! Turn your loo rolls into cute Easter bunnies and line them up on your dining table!

Picture Books that are FUN to read aloud!

Whether the book has a fun rhyming rhythm, or includes songs, or requires silly accents or funny sounds… some books are just more fun to read aloud!

Our Favourite Family Games

A list of favourite games for kids of all ages (divided into age groups), plus some recommendations from readers (so many great tips!)…

Valentine’s Day Loveheart Crowns

This is one of the easiest crafts we’ve ever done… and the results are so cute and festive. All you need is some wool felt and ribbon! 

Podcast Recommendations for Tweens & Teens

I asked readers to share their children’s favourites. Here’s a list of the podcasts they recommended for tweens & teens. (There are some great ones to discover!)

Two fun card games to play with your family

Here are two fun family card games, including a free download with simple rules to follow.

15 Favourite Swim & Beach Products

Summer is here! Time to get ready for the beach. Here are our favourite beach and swim products for the whole family…

Thinking about bunk beds? Here are some tips…

We are big fans of bunk beds in our family! They’re great for saving space, and kids always love them. Here are some design tips to consider if you’re thinking about building bunks. 

Perfectly Chewy Chocolate Chunk Cookies

The teenagers have fine-tuned our recipe and we all agree it’s the best there is! They’re chewy and chocolatey – here’s the recipe…

Thrifting Tips & Tricks – what to look for and buy!

Shopping at op shops (thrift stores) is a great way to save money, and it’s also a wonderful way to re-use and repurpose items. Here are some tips for what to look for and what to know when op shopping. 

My Favourite Homewares Brands

Here’s an international list of 12 favourite independent homewares brands. From London to New Zealand – here are my faves!

Favourite Novels for Tweens & Teens

My four big kids share their favourite novels, and I have asked followers on Instagram to share their favourites too. Here’s an extensive list broken into age groups of tween (8-12 years) & teen (13+).

Tips for Reducing Kid-Clutter in your Home

Do you feel like your children’s stuff is taking over your home? Do they have too many toys? Would you like to de-clutter and be more mindful about the things you bring into your house? Here are some helpful tips for reducing the kid-clutter.

5 Tips for Working From Home (with kids around)

Ask any busy mother who works from home — it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds! Whether working from home is your norm or your new normal, here are some helpful tips for making the most of it whilst juggling family demands on the side.

Pumpkin Curry from our Travels in Sri Lanka

We loved so many things about our time in Sri Lanka, but the food was definitely a highlight. Here’s our go-to Pumpkin Curry recipe we were taught while we were in Sri Lanka. 

Wilkie’s current favourite picture books (age 6)

Wilkie is at that sweet age where he still likes to be read picture books, but he wants them to have an engaging story plot. Here are some of his favourites…

A Cute Nature Scavenger Hunt Idea

Use an empty egg carton to create a scavenger hunt collection box and have fun filling it with things from nature. 

Our new Favourite Carrot Cake Recipe

It’s always been my favourite type of cake. Here’s a new recipe we’ve been working on and think it’s perfect!   

Make Rainbow Stars – an easy tutorial

This is a simple craft that is sure to cheer up any space when you hang them up in your windows! Here are the steps…

I asked my family – Favourite novels of all time

I recently spent time with my parents and siblings and asked them to share their favourite novels. Here’s the list…

Travel Guide: Northwest Corner of WA state

This is where I grew up! Here’s a list of favourite destinations: things to do, places to eat, sites to see, etc.

Bedtime Board Books to Lull your Baby to Sleep

Here’s a list of our favourite bedtime books for babies – books that are poetic and calming, perfect for lulling to sleep…

Our Beach House: 5 Impactful Design Decisions

Here are 5 design decisions that had a big impact, including the thought process behind them.

Renovating? Here are the 3 Biggest Lessons I’ve Learned. 

Sharing three lessons we learned the hard way with our recent renovation project. Don’t make these mistakes!

Laundry Room in the Garage. Yes or No?

We put the laundry room in the garage at our beach house. Here’s why we’re happy with the decision.

Our go-to easy dinner: Rice & Dahl

Here’s a recipe for one of our favourite easy family dinner meals. It takes just 20 minutes to make and is bursting with flavour!

Tips for talking to our kids about sex!

Let’s talk about sex! Here are ten tips I’ve learned from personal experience as well as from the experts I’ve interviewed.

Self-Care in Motherhood: start with small doses

How can we prioritise ourselves when we feel like there’s just not enough time in the day?! The answer, I believe, is to do it in small doses.

10 Simple Ways to Show your Teens you Love Them

Tweens & teens can be challenging. But they need our love more than anything. Here are 10 simple ways to love on our teens.

Have an abundance of fruit? Make a clafoutis!

Clafoutis is one of the easiest desserts to make and always goes down a treat in our family. Add any fruit you like to this recipe!

Easy Inspiration: Our Favourite Online Recipes

We all have those go-to online links we click for favourite meals. I’m sharing our favourites in case you’re looking to add to your list. 

15 of the Best Must-Have Baby Products

I asked on Instagram and received hundreds of replies. Here’s a list of 15 of the most recommended must-have baby products for all you pregnant or new mamas out there.

The Best Belgian Waffle Recipe

We love making waffles for breakfast and taking the extras to the beach for mid-morning snacks. Here’s the recipe we use for waffles that are crispy on the outside, fluffy on the inside and super yum!

Fun Ways to Display your Children’s Artwork at Home

Children’s art is so cute, and of course it’s so unique. No one else will have an art piece like yours! Why not use it to make your home a reflection of the people who live there. Here are some fun ways to display your children’s art in your home.

3-Ingredient Peanut Butter Cookies

This has to be the easiest cookie recipe out there! So easy your toddlers can make them. Here’s the recipe…

What a new Mama Really Needs…

Here are ten essentials to make the dreamy, messy, sleepy postpartum period a little bit easier for the new mother. 

Our Guacamole Recipe

Whenever I slice into a perfect avocado, I am reminded of our time in Chile, where the avocados were flawless, and we were able to concoct the perfect guacamole recipe. 

10 Tips for Decorating Children’s Bedrooms

Decorating children’s spaces is an opportunity to be more playful and fun with accessories, colours and decor. Here are 10 tips for decorating a room that reflects your child and looks cute too. 

Our Go-To Birthday Cake Recipe

We love this simple (and tasty!) birthday cake recipe. There are just five simple ingredients and you can add seasonal fruit or berries to the cake or icing to modify it. This has become our go-to cake recipe. Here I share the recipe.

Our Kitchen: Design & Renovation Details

Our kitchen is definitely the most favoured room in our house; it’s where we all gather and spend the most time. Here are the renovation and design details, including paint colours, sourcing info and other design ideas. 

5 Tips to Help Prevent Sibling Rivalry

I’m sure most mums will agree: having children who get along and like each other is one of the biggest goals in parenting. Equally, when they don’t get along, it can be one of the most infuriating things! Here are 5 tips for encouraging sibling closeness.

Ways to Reduce your Carbon Footprint at Home

Most of us are now aware of the importance of lightening our footprint and saving our planet. Little by little we can do and learn and try harder. Most importantly, we can educate our kids along the way. Here are some helpful ways to reduce our carbon footprint at home.

Our favourite blueberry muffins

This is a favourite recipe from my childhood and one that has become a go-to in our family. Perfect for breakfast, lunch boxes or after school snacks. 

Our Favourite, Most-Used Cookbooks

We’ve collected loads of cookbooks over the years, and in the last 6 years, we’ve collected mostly vegetarian ones to suit our style of cooking. Here’s a list of the most-used cookbooks in our house, the ones that sit permanently on our kitchen bench. 

Our Family’s Traditional Aebleskiver Recipe

Aebleskivers are like a cross between a pancake and a donut. What’s not to love, right? This is one of our kids’ favourite breakfasts. Here’s an age-old family recipe passed down from my great grandmother.

When kids share a bedroom. Our experience…

Our kids have always shared bedrooms, and I do believe in the benefits of sharing. However, it’s gotten trickier as our kids have gotten older and require more personal space and privacy. Here I share our experiences and some thoughts. 

Knitted Slippers — an easy knitting project for kids

This is a fun knitting project from my own childhood! My mum taught this to me and my siblings and we used to knit our own slippers each winter. It’s a great project for beginner knitters, and easily adjustable for different sizes of feet. 

Make your own Birthday Bunting – an easy DIY

We love hanging up bunting on birthdays and special occasions. It’s such a sweet and simple way to decorate a room! Recently we started creating our own bunting and realised it’s easier than it looks to make. Here’s a simple DIY for making your own bunting. 

Supporting our children through their emotional ups and downs

It’s really normal for mental health and self-esteem to change at the onset of adolescence. But of course it’s really difficult as parents to watch. Here are some tips for supporting our kids through ups and downs. 

Healthy-ish Porridge Pancakes — for breakfast or snacks

Pancakes are a big deal in our house. We make them for breakfast and eat leftovers for snacks. Here’s a great recipe for pancakes that make a healthy, yummy snack. (Great for lunchboxes too!)

Help your kids learn their multiplication tables

Some kids are visual learners. These multiplication flowers help those kids learn and remember their multiplication tables. It’s a great educational and creative activity in one. They look cute hung up on a wall too.

Knitted Hood Hats — a simple knitting project for kids

Here’s another simple knitting project your kids can do. And the results are adorable! This is one of our longtime favourite knitting projects great for beginner knitters. Click below for the pattern.

Favourite first chapter books to read aloud to kids

Here’s a list of our family’s favourite first chapter books to read aloud to children, as well as a list of favourites sent in from followers. A great book list to reference!

The very best vegetarian lasagne recipe

We’ve been perfecting this vegetarian lasagne recipe for years now. It’s filled with heaps of roasted veggies and layers of tomato sauce and béchamel. A major crowd pleaser! Click below for the recipe.

Drool-worthy Scandinavian Cinnamon Rolls

Friends of ours from Finland shared this recipe with us, and it’s become tradition to make these on every special occasion. I think these might be my very favourite food ever. Click below for the recipe.

Strawberry Rhubarb Compote (for porridge & pancakes!)

Rhubarb compote takes your porridge or pancakes to the next level. It’s also great on yoghurt, ice cream or granola. Here’s our easy recipe…

Art for your kids’ rooms! Here’s a list of sources…

Art is a great way to add colour and character to your children’s rooms. Here’s a list of favourite artists and online shops to buy art for your kids’ spaces.

My Morning Porridge — oats with chia seeds plus toppings!

I get asked this question a lot. How do we limit, even get rid of, all the kid stuff?! Here are my tips for reducing the clutter.

Cute & Simple Halloween Decorations to make at home

Here are some of our favourite ideas for Halloween decorations you can make at home with your kids… 

Caramel Apples — a Halloween Tradition!

It isn’t Halloween without a tray full of caramel apples at our house. Here’s our recipe for this favourite tasty treat. 

30 favourite picture books for toddlers

A selection of all-time favourite picture books loved by all five of our children. Books you’ll enjoy reading over and over again. 

5 Tips to get your Teens to do their Chores

If your teens are anything like mine, you’ll find their reluctance to doing chores has grown and their attentiveness to doing things well has deteriorated. Here are some helpful tips to encouraging your tweens & teens to help out around the house.

Go for an ‘Awe Walk’

We already know that walking is good for us, but here’s a new idea: look for things that fill you with awe and wonder while you walk. Find awe in your surroundings, and you will fill with gratitude & gladness…

Practice math skills with this simple game

Turn the simple card game of ‘War’ into a math game by making it ‘Addition War’ or ‘Multiplication War’. Learning made fun!

Christmas Sugar Cookies. A family tradition.

Ask my kids… Christmas isn’t Christmas without sugar cookies. We make these every year and make sure to save some for Santa. Here’s the recipe…

My mum’s famous Butterhorns

Here’s a recipe from my childhood: my mum’s famous butterhorns (aka cinnamon rolls). We make these every Christmas morning!

Stocking Stuffer Gift Ideas for your Kids this Christmas

I’ve rounded up a list of cute and sustainable gifts to give your kids (both big and small). Gifts that your kids will love, that won’t end up in landfill. 

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