I am often asked about the art hanging in our children’s bunk room, so I thought I would share sources for some of our favourite children’s art we’ve collected over the years.

Art is a great way to add colour and character to your children’s rooms. I love it because it is a chance to be playful, to embrace colour and perhaps be a bit more daring than you’d be in other areas of your home. And if you get it right, it can be art that your kids won’t quickly grow too old for. (Some of our favourite pieces have been in our home for more than a decade!)

Here are some of our favourite artists and online shops for art:

  • Olivia Sewell created the giraffe in the picture above and we love it! (I’m not sure if she’s still selling this piece, but she has other fun art on her site.)
  • The cute crochet lion face is from Ila Y Ela. I love that it adds texture and movement to the wall of art.
  • We love Barbara Gevaert’s charming illustrations. Her ABC print is so sweet!
  • While Marnie Gilder’s limited edition prints are definitely more pricey, they are special pieces that will stand the test of time. They work in a children’s space as well as in the rest of the home, so it’s an investment piece that will transition really well. (We just got one of her prints for the bunk room in our beach house.) I love her work!
  • Rifle Paper Co. has sweet prints for kids. (The sweet print with the girl in the bear’s belly in the top photo is one of Anna’s original prints from years and years ago. I bought it for Ivy’s room when she was a baby!)
  • We have been longtime fans of Famille Summerbelle. Julie creates the most beautiful, intricate papercut designs.
  • We love the colourful art prints from Natalia Bagniewska — I have her Peach print in our kitchen, but I think they work in children’s spaces as well.
  • We’ve bought a few Matisse exhibition posters from Etsy and they make really beautiful art for a children’s room.
  • Etsy also has loads and loads of great (and super affordable) digital art prints for kids, which you can quickly print off and display (how cute are these!).
  • I love the Danish brand, Mado, and their quirky & colourful prints.
  • Lauren Rogers is an Indigenous Artist making vibrant paintings with intricate patterns. She shares her art to celebrate and honour her Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander heritage. We love our little painting from Lauren (the pink painting featured in the photo above)!
  • And of course, the best art is always the art your own children make! I love framing their work and hanging it up. (See this post for fun ways to display your children’s artwork in your home.)