I have always loved decorating children’s spaces as it’s an opportunity to be a bit more playful and fun. While I always recommend investing in good quality furniture pieces that will stand the test of time — a nice wardrobe or chest of drawers, for example, instead of something too kiddie — you can be a bit more playful with the decorations, colours and accessories.


Here are ten tips for decorating children’s rooms:

  1. Start with a neutral palette on the walls and floors. Children’s toys and decorations are so colourful, they will instantly brighten up the room. I’ve always loved simple white walls, but I also think you can be more playful with modern neutrals like warm grey, dusty blues, ochres, etc. 
  2. Add accents of colour with rugs, decorative throw pillows, mobiles, artwork and other décor pieces.
  3. Have fun with lighting – there are so many cute lamps for children, and it’s a fun way to be playful with something necessary. It’s also good to have lamps that can be dimmed, to be used as night lights at bedtime. And always good to have a bedside lamp for kids to read from bed. 
  4. Hang your child’s favourite or most unique clothing pieces and use them as decoration. Children’s clothing can be so beautiful, and it’s a shame to keep it all hanging inside a closet. (We hang the girls’ tutus on their wall — great for easy access at playtime and it  looks pretty too.) 
  5. Hang and display your child’s artwork. They will feel so proud, and it offers a sweet and playful piece of art that will make their room feel unique and personal. 
  6. If there’s enough space, give your children a designated area where they can be creative and express freely. Even a small desk and chair will do. 
  7. Be creative with children’s book storage – put books at their level so they have easy access to them, and don’t be afraid to use books as decoration too!
  8. Have fun with children’s rooms. If your child’s  favourite colour is yellow, go with it. If they love to surf, put surf photos or posters on the walls. Children’s rooms should be a reflection of the kids who sleep and play in them, and should be just as playful as they are.
  9. Give kids a shelf or nook to display their favourite treasures. While my kids don’t always style this shelf in the same way I would (and sometimes I have to encourage decluttering), I always love seeing what they choose to display on their shelf. 
  10. Try to keep the decor timeless. Don’t go for the latest design crazes. Instead, consider objects and colours that can grow with your kids and be part of their rooms for as long as they’re in them, or passed onto younger siblings many years later.

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