Make the most of motherhood!

Join my monthly membership program for inspiration, ideas & connection to enrich your motherhood journey. 

Make the most of motherhood! 

Join my membership site for inspiration, ideas & connection to enrich your motherhood journey. 

Hi, I’m Courtney!

I’m a mother of five, with kids ranging from ages 6 to 18. I’m also a creative businesswoman, blogger and author, and have had the pleasure of working in the parenting lifestyle arena for the past 16 years. I create e-courses and eBooks for parents, and I also offer a membership program for monthly inspiration, ideas & community connection. I love connecting with parents from all over the world and look forward to connecting with you!

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In The Loop

Online Courses & eBooks

Tweens & Teens

online course

  • A 3-part course on adolescence with tips, research and recommended resources.
  • Interviews with experts in psychology, teen health, child development, sex education and more. 
  • Learn to understand teens, build stronger relationships and make the most of these vital years.


online course

  • A five-part course on family, home, food, travel and motherhood.
  • Interviews and video tutorials on each topic.
  • Inspiration and ideas for more meaningful family time, including prioritising your own self care.

At Home with Kids


  • Tried and tested tips, ideas and resources for keeping your kids entertained at home.
  • Dozens of easy crafts, educational activities, simple recipes, and favourite books, toys and games.
  • Tips from experts and a whole host of recommended resources.

Testimonials from Subscribers

Emily Scale

Mother of four, entrepreneur, subscriber to all courses

“I learned so many valuable tips on balancing life and family demands.  I highly recommend all of her courses, but I particularly liked the ‘Nurture’ course.”

Sarah Gwonyoma

Single mother, previous subscriber of the Tweens & Teens course

“Courtney’s course was a complete game-changer for me. I felt it was a really safe space to learn how to navigate trickier topics like talking about sex and porn and the darker side of the internet.”

Natali Stajcic

Mother of Three, Previous Subscriber to the Nurture Course

“The way Courtney writes is so calming, and her tips are so practical and useful to have. I can see myself coming back to this content over the years.”


Mindful Mothering Tips

5 Tips for Working From Home (with kids around)

Ask any busy mother who works from home — it certainly isn’t as easy as it sounds! Whether working from home is your norm or your new normal, here are some helpful tips for making the most of it whilst juggling family demands on the side.

Tips for Reducing Kid-Clutter in your Home

Do you feel like your children’s stuff is taking over your home? Do they have too many toys? Would you like to de-clutter and be more mindful about the things you bring into your house? Here are some helpful tips for reducing the kid-clutter.

5 Tips to get your Teens to do their Chores

If your teens are anything like mine, you’ll find their reluctance to doing chores has grown and their attentiveness to doing things well has deteriorated. Here are some helpful tips to encouraging your tweens & teens to help out around the house.  

Make the most of motherhood!

Join my monthly membership program for inspiration, ideas & connection to enrich your motherhood journey.

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Frequently asked questions

How do I access your online courses and content?

Once you purchase a course, you’ll be able to log in to your dashboard and find the course materials, PDFs and videos. Everything is accessible from your phone, computer, laptop or any device that can access the internet. (You can also print the PDFs if you prefer learning that way.)

How can I become a member?

I offer a monthly membership program where I deliver inspiring and engaging content each month as well as exclusive discounts to favourite brands. There’s also a community section to ask questions, share tips & ideas and connect with other mothers. We’d love to welcome you! You can join here!

Do time zones matter?

Anyone can sign up for a course, no matter where you live. The materials are accessible at all times and are yours to keep and reference whenever you like. Time differences and locations don’t matter at all.

Is there any homework?

Not specifically, but you will have access to a range of resources for you to explore in your own time, including helpful exercises, relevant podcasts and book recommendations. Hopefully you’ll be inspired to implement new ideas, routines and activities in your family life too.

Since we all have busy schedules, are the courses designed to go at our own pace?

Yes! The course materials and videos are yours to keep and reference whenever you like. There is no set timeframe or expiry.

“I love this online community!”

“I have loved taking part in Courtney’s courses. I love the conversations she facilitates, the resources she shares, and the learning and sharing aspect of the community. I have learned so much and been so inspired!”